A recent study on the Sturgis rally and COVID-19 was just alarming enough to cause a media feeding frenzy about the story because it’s fertilizer for the preferred narrative:

However, Reason took a look at it and found an entirely different story:

Reason took the study and applied some, well, reason:

According to South Dakota health officials, 124 new cases in the state—including one fatal case—were directly linked to the rally. Overall, COVID-19 cases linked to the Sturgis rally were reported in 11 states as of September 2, to a tune of at least 260 new cases, according to The Washington Post.

There very well may be more cases that have been linked to the early August event, but so far, that’s only 260 confirmed cases—about 0.1 percent of the number the IZA paper offers.

The article then goes on to explain how those behind the study arrived at the 250,000 number.

Because SCIENCE, or something.

There doesn’t seem to be many in the media in a rush to look into what protests and riots have done to spread COVID-19. Go figure!

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