Donald Trump has been the U.S. president for over three and a half years, but hosts and guests on MSNBC haven’t gotten tired of pushing the “Russia” talking points. Here’s MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace working hard to push Democrat talking points with the former editor of TIME Magazine and an Associated Press White House reporter:

The lefty media circles back to “Trump is a Russian agent” so predictably you can almost set your watch by it.

Has that story in The Atlantic run out of steam so fast that they’re already back to “but Russia”?

Another nice touch of irony was the guy from the side that likes to point out Hillary Clinton “won the national popular vote” saying we’re paying a price for not teaching civics in school anymore.

Even New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait isn’t buying it:

Not that MSNBC hosts will stop pushing that tired and debunked narrative.

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