Earlier this week, after CBS News’ Catherine Herridge tweeted documents showing the names of Obama staffers (including Joe Biden) who requested the unmasking of an identity that was later discovered to be Michael Flynn, she was attacked by Joe Biden’s rapid response director (who ended up deleting the tweet).

The Daily Beast also got into the act:

There were a couple of exceptions, but there was an almost total media blackout when it came to journos defending Herridge. Finally CBS News got around to issuing a statement, but they didn’t even mention the unmasking story which is what caused so much triggering from Obama defenders and the media (pardon the redundancy):

Better late than never?

Perhaps CBS had to run the statement through a few layers of editors to make sure it wasn’t too critical of those who slammed Herridge for failing to assist the DNC narrative.

LOL. “Quick” in a “waiting in line at the DMV” kinda way.

The next media move is obvious:

Wait for it!

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