During the Democrat debate this week, Elizabeth Warren took aim at Pete Buttigieg by specifically trying to add a bit of “hoity toity” to her Dem opponent’s fundraising practices. Warren pointed out that Buttigieg’s fundraisers often include the mega-wealthy and expensive wines, and one was in the home of a Mayor Pete supporter who has a “wine cave”:

But of course, since it’s Elizabeth Warren we’re talking about, this story couldn’t be told without being washed down with a giant glass of hypocrisy. Here’s just the beginning:

Not only that, but in 2012 Warren had a fundraiser at the exact same place for which she was shaming Buttigieg:

From the Associated Press:

Famous names sponsored fundraisers for Warren, too. Among them: actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, as well as well-known Democratic donors such as financier George Soros.

In 2012, she attended a New York fundraiser hosted by the same donor, Kevin Ryan, who put on a Buttigieg event this month that drew protesters who support her as well as Sanders.

So it has to be asked:

We think it’s “Elizabeth Warren.”

Pass the popcorn!