This week, Nancy Pelosi said that the House would be moving forward with impeachment hearings. In other words, the Dems plan to keep pushing the goalpost back as long as they deem necessary. The hearings are now in the Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who took a page from Pelosi and is claiming the Founders would be 100 percent behind what the House Dems are trying to do:

It’s entirely possible that Nadler’s first sentence is entirely accurate, just not for the reason he thinks.

And of course the House Democrats have to pretend to be sad about the proceedings:

Impeachment is such a “sad and solemn undertaking” that the Dems have been trying to undertake it for three years based on an evolving set of allegations.



Nancy Pelosi really doesn’t want Jake Tapper to ask her about impeachment

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