As we told you earlier, an editor’s note was spotted as having been added to a New York Times article about an allegation against SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

Well that changes things just a little, and by “just a little” we mean “shoots down the entire attempted smear on Kavanaugh.” In the wake of that disgrace to “journalism,” some are now trying to boost the credibility of the witness and former Clinton attorney, Max Stier. In one such example, Jeryl Bier noticed that the Times’ reporter, Robin Pogrebin, a co-author of the corrected story in question, was among those who retweeted a claim from The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer that was obviously intended to boost Stier’s resume:

Naturally the incorrect tweet from Mayer was retweeted a whole lot more than the correction, at least partly thanks to journos like Pogrebin. A day later, Pogrebin’s retweet remains and Mayer correcting the record has not been retweeted.

Another banner week for “journalism.”