As evidenced by DNC chair Tom Perez’s appearance on Fox News, the crop of 2020 Democrats pushing socialist policies are actually making contributions to capitalism, or so he claims:

How very expected coming from Perez:

From the Washington Examiner:

“You know Brett, socialism is the oldest trick in the book,” Mr. Perez said. “You’re a very good student of history. When Social Security was debated, when Medicare was debated, when the minimum wage was debated, Republican opponents of all of those three critical elements of our social compact said this is socialism. What Social Security and Medicare and the minimum wage have done is make capitalism work for everyone. And so, this is the oldest attack line in the book. Voters are smart. When you have coverage for people with a preexisting condition, I’d hardly call that socialism. I’d call that sound health policy and sound economic policy.”

Now there’s a take.

That’s a very common sentiment!

Sometimes that’s the only option.