In the wake of the weekend shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the Left’s narrative developed quickly, and one of the points being circulated was to blame Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the attacks. One such example can be seen in this tweet from George Takei on Sunday:

“#MassacreMitch” can now be added to “Moscow Mitch” in the libs’ latest narrative. But it’s catching on, as evidenced by another hashtag:

Yep, that’s actually happening. The Left’s quest to blame McConnell for recent shootings (one perpetrated by a Democrat fan of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others) has culminated in protesters showing up at the private residence of Mitch McConnell in Kentucky:

And of course they’re keeping it classy. JUST KIDDING:

It’s gotten out of control.

Maybe CNN should host a town hall about CNN’s contributions to the nasty discourse.

Fact check: TRUE.