Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying a few months ago that the U.S. has 12 years to act on climate change or else isn’t nearly alarmist enough for some, as evidenced by the latest scorching hot take from ThinkProgress:

Basically, the story makes this claim:

Yep. The reason for that prediction is contingent upon what happens in the 2020 election. If Trump’s re-elected, everybody dies, or something:

That means November 3, 2020 — the U.S. presidential election — is the deadline for Americans who do not want to destroy the health and well-being of current generations, their children, and future generations. If Trump is reelected, the prospects for the necessary national and global cuts in carbon pollution by 2030 will be gone.

Maybe one of the Dems at CNN’s “climate crisis” town hall can outdo ThinkProgress’ “14 months” prediction by giving the world even less time (we’re sure somebody will).

At some point they’re going to be reduced to claiming everybody died yesterday unless somebody does something.

Wait for it!