A large portion of the people in Manhattan got an early preview of the Green New Deal on Saturday night, when power went out in many areas:

A J-Lo concert at Madison Square Garden also came to an abrupt intermission:

The power was restored after quite some time:

So that brought about a question:

Well, Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t in the area. But fortunately for New Yorkers, he was available to provide updates as the electrical outage unfolded. Comrade Bill was in Iowa, but he was there in spirit:

De Blasio also retweeted some NYC fire and police-related accounts, but New Yorkers can take comfort in the fact that he had to do so in order to maintain practically zero percent support in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination. However, he’s headed back to NYC:

He’ll be back just in time to enjoy a fully-powered New York City.

Shaun King is among the displeased:

Pass that popcorn!