David Attenborough took to the stage this weekend to thank the Glastonbury festival for going plastic-free at the environment and climate change-themed event:

Even though the ban on plastic was hailed, it looks like some “environmentalists” in attendance still had access to it, and then some:

Color us shocked!

More from the New York Post:

Attendees of Britain’s five-day Glastonbury Festival – which ran on a theme of climate change and the environment – left behind thousands of plastic bottles and trash, photos of the aftermath show.

Environmentalists like Sir David Attenborough praised organizers of the music fest in Somerset for going “plastic free” by banning the sale of single-use plastic bottles this year.
But post-festival photos told a different story — showing mass amounts of plastic bottles and garbage strewn all over the 900-acre grounds.

It brought back memories of the eco-Barackalypse after Obama’s first inauguration.

“Lead by example” doesn’t seem to be a high priority among many climate change activists.