As you may remember, there was a walkout of Vox Media writers recently over a contract dispute. Vox Media Union tweeted today that the matter has been settled. Here are just a few of the many details offered:

The Vox Media Union won some applause for the new contract:

Others congratulated them:

On the surface that might seem dandy, but what could possibly go wrong?

Not to take a “glass is half empty” view of all this, but haven’t we seen these kinds of progressive initiatives backfire badly before?

And insurance benefits for anybody working a minimum of 20 hours per week? We’ve seen how businesses adjust to things like that as well:

It’s not like these situations haven’t happened previously — there is no shortage of examples.

Are “hot take kiosks” on the way?

Not everybody broke out the tiny violins for the need for “recovery time” for writers.

Well, there it is.