The Left has been up in arms since states began proposing heartbeat laws on abortion, going as far as to call on boycotts of states like Alabama and Georgia. One wealthy boycott proponent has reportedly been informed that there’s no amount of money that can convince a certain university to put up with the dichotomy of somebody trying to give them money while also calling for a boycott of the same institution:


Alabama has won some new fans.

The donor, quoted in the NPR story, played the victim:

“I want to make clear that I never demanded that $21.5 million be refunded and wonder if the University is attempting to silence my opinions by their quick response. I will not be silenced.”


Right? *Eye roll*

It’s probably too much to hope for that the college would reconsider accepting the multimillion-dollar gift and then turning around and giving it to a pro-life organization, isn’t it?

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