House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was among the U.S. delegation in Normandy, France on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and during her interview with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, the Trump-era “journalism” was apparent:

Via Mediaite, Mitchell couldn’t serve up a question for Pelosi without some of the requisite editorializing that’s so much more common these past two and a half years:

“I was here when Ronald Reagan was here in 1984. For all the disagreements over how to handle missile deployments, there were a lot of tensions then. We didn’t have the divisions with Europe that we have now. America is less respected in Europe than at any time in post-war history,” Mitchell said.

“Let’s throw on the positive possibilities. I think every one should re-read Ronald Reagan’s speech of that day. It’s beautiful. It talks about the importance of alliances and working together,” Pelosi responded.

And that sparked a good question:

It sure can be hard to tell sometimes.

That’s not an uncommon reaction to the MSM.