As Twitchy told you on Thursday, author Stephen King has seen the “Chernobyl” mini-series and couldn’t help but provide a link to Trump:

The writer and producer of “Chernobyl,” Craig Mazin, was happy to hear that King made the connection:

Dan Bongino wasn’t having any of it, and took King to task this way:

After that, Mazin took offense to Bongino’s take and compared him to an elderly, hard-line Soviet Union loyalist portrayed in an early episode who wanted to protect “the state” at any cost of lives or property:

In other words, Mazin is saying that Bongino’s no different than the party official in “Chernobyl” who pointed to the portrait of Vladimir Lenin and demanded loyalty (in “containing the spread of misinformation” — i.e. preventing the truth from getting out) in the immediate wake of the disaster. Bongino fired back:

Bingo! The “Chernobyl” miniseries is fantastic (this editor has been watching it, obviously), but the takeaway that it was a generic disaster just to try and score some anti-Trump points is patently ridiculous.

As was pointed out to us earlier, it’s interesting that for the Left the first person in government to come to their minds when watching “Chernobyl” was Trump, when it should have been somebody else entirely:

“But Trump,” or something.