Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement speech at Hunter College in New York City today:

And it wouldn’t have been a Hillary speech without kicking off the self-referential “humor” immediately:

And she was rolling:

She’s still got writers, y’all!

Clinton continued:

If anything, the grads will be inspired to go into the world and oppose President Trump:

A bold accusation coming from the BleachBit candidate whose staff smashed cell phones with a hammer. But wait, there’s more:

“Sexist trash” is pretty strong language from the wife of Bill Clinton who defended him fiercely in the 90s by helping control “bimbo eruptions.”

The graduation festivities continued:

Now do Planned Parenthood, Hil.

But then she moved on to Wednesday’s Mueller statement:

Says the woman who handed them a re-set button in 2009. That was something else…

But anyway, it’s nice to see that Hillary’s managed to move past the 2016 election. *Eye roll*