Democrat Rep. and presidential candidate Eric Swalwell has made it known that he would like to outlaw certain guns and accompany that with a mandatory buy-back (aka “confiscation”) with the punishment of prison for those refusing to comply. Democrats are now attempting to out-do each other, and that’s why Sen. Cory Booker has announced his gun control plan:

Vox of course considers Booker’s plan “ambitious”:

But as always the question must be asked: What happens to those who refuse to comply? Booker refused to answer:

If Booker’s president it sounds like Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment rights would be at King Cory’s mercy when it comes to jail time.

Booker said people would have a “reasonable period” of time to turn in certain guns, so it isn’t a stretch to assume that those Spartacus deems “unreasonable” would be arrested.

No, not at all!


It’s amazing to watch what Democrat candidates think is necessary to shore up support among the Dem base, and it speaks volumes.