During President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, the number of women in Congress took center stage:

“We also have more women serving in Congress than in any time before,” the president noted, highlighting the new group of female lawmakers who have challenged him, one even calling for his impeachment.

The women rose to their feet again, many waving their hands in the air and giving high-fives to one another.

The rest of crowd, which included members of Trump’s Cabinet and Republicans in both chambers of Congress, also started cheering and chanting “USA! USA!”

“That’s great,” Trump said. “Congratulations.”

The moment allowed for everyone – on both sides of the aisle – to share in applauding the work of women in a political atmosphere that has grown increasingly divided.

The crack objective journalists at NPR immediately took to fact-checking that statement in order to try and prove incorrect something the president never said:

Oh, come on!

No, it isn’t.

It NEVER fails.

They’ll never get it.

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