As we told you over the weekend, one of CNN’s panelists invited to discuss a climate of social media hate was GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe, and it couldn’t have been more ironic. But CNN didn’t see the irony at all, because they had their go-to expert on rooting out extreme rhetoric back today, and she said this:

One other panelist was shocked and pushed back hard, but others on the panel didn’t seem too troubled by that obviously unhinged comment:

Just wow.

And they DON’T get it.

As for Jake Tapper, he defended his lack of a strong reaction to Ioffe this way:


Odds that CNN will invite her back on? Probably fairly good. Especially after a semi-apology:

Ioffe also tweeted this:


So basically it’s still Trump’s fault she said that?

One final question:




Julia Ioffe’s claim about where she felt safer as a journo than in the U.S. under Trump sends heads CRASHING to desks