California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed legislation with a goal of having all the state’s electricity generated from “clean energy” sources by the year 2045. Brown’s also eyeing starting a climate change alarmists’ version of Trump’s “Space Force”:

From Reuters:

California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday pledged to launch a satellite that will track and detect the sources of climate pollutants, his state’s latest effort to challenge the Trump administration’s skepticism about the science of climate change.
“We’re going to launch our own satellite. Our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it,” Brown told a gathering of political, environmental and business leaders.

The satellite probably won’t be programmed to notice all the pollution coming from the private jets of super-wealthy liberal celebs and others, and there could be other issues:

We don’t doubt Brown’s plan will run into a plenty of self-inflicted snags.