Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen was heard mocking Tennessee Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn’s support for Trump, and hoped she would take it one step further:

From Newsbusters, this is what Cohen said:

In a story published Friday morning by the left-leaning Huffington Post, reporter Kevin Robillard released video of Democratic Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen suggesting that fellow Tennessee Congresswoman and Republican senatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn should kill herself.

“The big orange President — that’s not somebody from Knoxville. He’s going to come down here and he is going to endorse Marsha Blackburn, because Marsha Blackburn, if he says, ‘Jump off the Harahan Bridge,’ she’ll jump off the Harahan Bridge. I wish he’d say that. She will do anything he says,” Cohen declared.

Here’s the audio:

Stay classy, Rep. Cohen.

Yep, that’s the same congressman.