As Twitchy told you earlier, President Trump, speaking at a NATO breakfast with other leaders, criticized Germany for buying oil and gas from Russia:

Here’s what Trump said:

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia,” Trump said in a searing critique of Germany’s gas pipeline deal with the country NATO calls its greatest threat to their alliance.

“I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where — we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia,” Trump said.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry joined other Democrats (and some in the media) in slamming Trump for criticizing Germany:

As it turns out, Kerry was against that pipeline before he was apparently for it:

Well that’s awkward.

But wait, there’s more. Enter Joe Biden:

But Trump says something similar to Germany and it’s the end of the world as we know it!

They certainly don’t seem to.