Here at Twitchy we often highlight tweets that have aged horribly over time, and Hillary Clinton has been the focus of many of those posts. Here are a dozen @HillaryClinton’s tweets, all from before the election, that were doomed to be ravaged by time, and, coming up on the one-year anniversary of the election, they just keep getting worse. This list of 12 isn’t a comprehensive (after all, there are server limitations) but makes for a good start. Here we go…

Number 12:

On more than just one occasion Clinton enjoyed using this angle to slam Trump. Here’s just one such instance from September of last year:

A “pay to play” lecture and Justice Department finger-pointing from Hillary Clinton, whose husband met with the AG on an airport tarmac while she was under investigation — it doesn’t get more ironic than that and has gotten even more mock-worthy since.


Number 11:

As Harry Reid discovered after playing this same game with Mitt Romney, don’t make the claim if it could end up being easily disproven:

A backfired “bombshell” report from Rachel Maddow about Trump’s taxes quickly proved that claim to be ridiculous.


Number 10:

Clinton got an assist from then-President Obama for this tweet proving they weren’t aware what “everything” encompassed:

Apparently not everything it takes, which would include the ability to win select swing states.


Number 9:

How Hillary (and staff) could stuff like this with straight faces is anybody’s guess:

Those in the “basket of deplorables” Clinton slammed at the time were laughing all the way to the polls to vote against her. And now that tweet has aged even worse since Hillary started blaming everybody not named “Clinton” for her election loss.


Number 8:

Hillary Clinton’s big supporter Harvey Weinstein was perhaps among those applauding her for saying this back in 2015:

Female accusers of Bill Clinton have since shredded that statement coming from his wife, leaving it tattered and torn on the floor along with all the other Hillary tweets that have withered over time.


Numbers 7 & 6:

These are actually two tweets back-to-back in “shot/chaser” style that were published within a couple hours of each other. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “it depends on what your definition of children’s ‘health’ is.” Compare & contrast:

Wow. “For the children,” but with exceptions. Those are not looking better over time.


Number 5:

That time Hillary had to let everybody know that she hasn’t been paying attention to the Clintons for many, many years:

Just wow.


Number 4:

Hillary Clinton’s advice for Trump last year was something else coming from BleachBit’s 2016 Customer of the Year:

Delete, like, with a cloth?


Number 3:

Self-awareness, WHO NEEDS IT!?



Number 2:

She REALLY didn’t expect to lose, and this one would come back to bite Hillary repeatedly in the following months:

That one gets funnier every day.


And the number 1 Hillary Clinton pre-election tweet that aged horribly:

D’OH! Somebody was a little over-confident!