The New York Times this morning had this bit of information about something happening in Antarctica:

Congressional Democrats, always on the lookout for an alarmism opportunity, were all over it:

However, the article itself is not quite as sold as the above Dems on “global warming” being the cause:

There is no scientific consensus over whether global warming is to blame.


Some climate scientists believe the warming in the region was at least in part a consequence of human-caused climate change, while others have disputed that, seeing a large role for natural variability — and noting that icebergs have been breaking away from ice shelves for many millions of years.


“While it might not be caused by global warming, it’s at least a natural laboratory to study how breakups will occur at other ice shelves to improve the theoretical basis for our projections of future sea level rise,” said Thomas P. Wagner, who leads NASA’s efforts to study the polar regions.

The congressional Dems’ science is NOT “settled.”


Evacuate the coasts!