Odd, but Democrats like Elizabeth Warren don’t seem to cite things like this as contributing to the enormous cost of college:

From NBC News:

“Support for undocumented UC students has been a priority for Janet Napolitano since she became president of the University of California in the fall of 2013,” Steve Montiel, Napolitano’s press secretary told NBC News. “The $5 million she allocated for student services and financial support in 2013 was scheduled to end in June of this year, and now she’s providing another $7.5 million to UC campuses for the next three years. She’s also committing $5 million a year for at least three years to UC’s DREAM loan fund and $2.7 million over a three-year period to the Undocumented Legal Services Center at UC Davis, which will enable the center to expand the services it provides to students and then families.”

Nothing is surprising anymore:

A former head of the Department of Homeland Security going out of her way to provide money for people in the country illegally helps sum up the Obama era nicely.