Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary on the Democrat side by 20 points but still came out even when it came to the state’s delegate count. Nationally, it looks like Team Hillary will be able to count on similar superdelegate support:

Via The Hill [emphasis ours]:

Hillary Clinton has increased her lead in the Democratic primary since her resounding loss to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by wooing 87 new party superdelegates to support her campaign over the past week.

The Associated Press reports that Sanders won the support of 11 superdelegates over that same time period.

While Sanders holds a small lead among pledged delegates awarded to him for his showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton’s massive superdelegate lead puts her ahead 481-55 in delegates to the Democratic National Convention, according to the AP’s count.

Will Sanders get as tired of hearing about Hillary’s superdelegates as he is about her email?