The U.S. Northern Command has issued recommendations for members of the U.S. military stationed domestically (as well as their families) in the wake of ISIS threats against troops:

The military command in charge of protecting the U.S. homeland has sent a message to troops, warning them to hide family information from terrorist groups that are trying to frighten them.

The memo warns against using “military slang” in public and decorating a home in military items — social conduct that might make troops a target for the Islamic State, the terrorist group also known as ISIL and ISIS.
Among other Northcom recommended safeguards:

“Minimize your profile by blending into the local community. Limit outward signs of DoD affiliation … Vehicle stickers, home decorations, using military slang in public.”

Allen West had a different recommendation:

Emphasis West’s:

And here would be my message to these savages: “If any of you attack our military or their families here or anywhere, you will be hunted down and killed. We are currently expediting concealed weapons permits for all active duty military and their families — as well as reserve component troops on active duty. Our men and women are not targets — YOU are, and anyone providing comfort and aid to Islamic terrorists will be dealt with appropriately.”

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