Dr. Milton Wolf, a Tea Party supported candidate who refers to himself as the “Arch Nemesis of ObamaCare” in his Twitter bio, is hoping to unseat incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas’ August 5th primary.

A tweet that referred to Wolf as a “racist” and a “fool” was retweeted from Sen. Roberts’ Twitter account. Here’s what led up to it:

At which point, somebody with access to Sen. Roberts’ account gave the “racist and a fool” comment a retweet:

The retweet was posted to Sen. Roberts’ Twitter account and deleted after one minute, according to Politwoops:


A staffer for Sen. Roberts pointed out that the Senator didn’t personally retweet the race-baiting insults, and claimed that the retweet was merely the result of “fumble fingers”:



Imagine the odds!


“Fumble fingers”?


Out of the millions and millions of tweets, somebody in Sen. Roberts’ office with “fumble fingers” just happened to accidentally retweet one containing a race-baiting insult about his opponent?

The lefty who wrote the tweet referring to Wolf as a “racist” thanked @PatRoberts2014 for spreading his opinion:

The establishment GOP strikes again.

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