ABC News is “proving” how dangerous guns are by being part of the problem.

Anything to help forward a top liberal agenda item.

Newsbusters has the background:

The ABC program, designed to show how Americans dangerously keep their guns, featured weapons stuffed in ridiculous, staged locations. On Monday, David Muir explained, “Those parents agreeing to take part at an elementary school in St. Petersburg, Florida.” As video showed guns being jammed in backpacks and in a box of plastic spiders, Muir narrated, “The teacher running the experiment, telling the children they’re there for a memory test and she has to go for a second. But there’s candy on the table.”

Video at the link.

ABC News mixed real guns they said were unloaded in with the candy, which some of the kids picked up and even looked down the barrel. So ABC’s gun safety lesson is “always treat a gun as if it’s loaded … unless you’re a media outlet trying to score some gun-control points.”

Newsbusters detailed the misleading tilt of ABC’s story:

Despite the fact that most people would not call 20-year-old adults “children,” and that the majority of the deaths were from crime, ABC chose to stack the deck and feature elementary students playing with weapons.

The takeaway from this story: