@BarackObama is a Twitter account run by Organizing for Action, and they’re underscoring the “settled science” of climate change with the hashtag #ScienceSaysSo.

The above tweet was followed up by a similar one, but with the arrogance on overdrive:

Iowahawk added to that list:


Unquestioning blind allegiance on this issue was immediately pledged to Team Obama:

Tweeters also schooled @BarackObama about science:

Iowahawk also had some history for the alarmists and reminded them about some things that were once considered “settled science” in many circles:

Others weighed in on “settled science”:

That’s a lot of “settled science” that became unsettled, and of course this current “settled science” isn’t as settled as the global warming alarmists would like everybody to believe.

Eventually, #ScienceSaysSo gave birth to a new hashtag:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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