The Twitter lecture series on civility that actress/comedienne Aisha Tyler started yesterday is still ongoing after criticism Tyler received over her weak Obamacare sales pitch.

Tyler, who preaches civility, has in the past threatened to kick Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin “in the nuts.” Any defensive reaction to a statement like that comes from people who are overreacting and “eager to be offended,” according to Tyler:

So everybody just lighten up, because Tyler’s only cracking jokes when she criticizes, but criticize Tyler and you’re tagged as a “hater.”

When Tyler threatened to kick Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin “in the nuts,” she didn’t claim it was a joke, but rather that Malkin was asking for it, as evidenced by this flashback tweet:

Malkin was asking for it. But it was also hyperbole, or something:

Which Tyler still claims to this day:

We’re not convinced Tyler would have accepted the same explanation if the tables had been turned. It sounds to us that if you insult or threaten Tyler, you’ll be considered a hater. If she insults or threatens you, she was only joking and you need to lighten up.

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