Helpful hint of the day: avoid using the communal lipstick.

From the NY Daily News:

A Harlem woman claims in a lawsuit that she got herpes at a Rihanna concert in Brooklyn from lipstick the singer endorsed.

Starkeema Greenidge, 28, alleges she contracted the virus when a representative of MAC Cosmetics applied a used tube of RiRi Woo to her smackers.

“I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money,” Greenidge, a waitress, told the Daily News on Wednesday.
“(MAC) didn’t use a fresh or new lipstick tube, but rather one that had been used for other patrons,” the suit charges.

Naturally, Twitter couldn’t help but make a connection:

It’s getting so you can’t use the same lipstick dozens of other people have used without developing a nasty cold sore. What’s the world coming to?


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