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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There was a time, not too long ago, when the Democratic Party prided itself on being the party of the 'working man'. All of their messaging was centered around being the party that cares about the plight of the everyday workers, casting themselves as opposed to the 'elites' that they claimed were represented by and exclusively funded the Republican Party. The tattered remnants of this Democratic Party ethos can be seen in the way President Joe Biden presents himself: good 'ol 'lunchpail Joe' who spends his days worrying about what the beleaguered working-class families discuss around that 'kitchen table' he loves to talk about. Of course as time has marched on this perceived alignment with working class values has become more and more frayed, especially as the Democratic Party has become almost entirely reliant on the money and cultural cache they derive from having a very close relationship with the elites they claim to be fighting against... elites in Silicon Valley, elites in academia, elites in Hollywood. If you've been paying attention, as we have, you'll have noticed that any time the Democrats feel like they're in trouble they go running to the deep pockets of their institutional friends to try to bail them out... and right now Biden is absolutely fleeing to them. 


As noted by Axios, this big DC Beltway extravaganza will follow 'a planned event with Biden, Clinton and former President Obama in mid-June in Los Angeles, hosted by George Clooney'. Good 'ol Lunch Pail Joe, champion and friends of the working man... as long as that man works starring in movies we guess.

It's been fascinating watching the Democratic Party become everything they spent decades claiming to hate.


Biden's a lock to win the college professor and DC politico vote though, so that's something.

It's hard to read this any other way, particularly since as noted in the piece by Axios 'April was the first month where Trump outraised Biden. Trump campaign and affiliated committees brought in some $76 million, compared to Biden and the Democratic National Committee's $51 million'. The lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden's reelection efforts has seeped into the donor class, it seems, which is likely to be seen as very good news by Donald Trump and his campaign. We'll see if attaching himself to better politicians that people like better than they like him works out for Joe... but don't bet the farm on it. People really don't like Joe Biden.

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