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You Are on the Wrong Side of History. Artificial Diversity Under Enforcement of Law is Not Diversity

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Anyone who has paid attention over the last decade has figured out that when the left says, 'diversity,' they are not talking about an organic gathering of unique perspectives. Diversity is frequently just another term for race quotas and discrimination.

When it comes to LGBTQ though, the absurdity is even worse. 'Diversity,' really just means, 'agree with them on everything about sexuality and gender.'

The UK-based account boasts of inclusion and representation, but X users couldn't help but notice the narrow scope of their declaration. The 'days of us all being the same are long gone?' What?

Interesting statement from a movement that demands absolute ideological conformity and strict identity categories.

For leftwing activists, diversity means the room has an arbitrarily sufficient number of preferred minorities in it. They count each group using sophisticated algorithms to ensure maximum representation and differences, as long as everyone is basically the same.

You won't find any conservatives in the bunch!

I always notice the loudest activists for being different always look exactly the same, (see that hideous nose ring they all wear).

More than that, though, they insist on everything thinking the same. To the point they've made public disagreement with LGBTQ-dictated reality a criminal offense.

A new law in Scotland, for example, does just that.

'There is concern that the new measures could be used maliciously against certain groups for expressing their opinions, in particular gender-critical feminists.

The SNP MP Joanna Cherry has said she has no doubt that the new law “will be weaponised by trans rights activists to try to silence, and worse still criminalise, women who do not share their beliefs”.

Some people who disagree with the gender-critical stance of the author and activist JK Rowling have already threatened to lodge complaints about her with Police Scotland from 1 April.'

What they want, of course, is to express themselves without criticism. They aren't concerned about your feelings or rights. Preferred minorities, like LGBTQ, are characterized as requiring 'protections' from public criticism based entirely on the idea that any questioning of their identities or ideology is considered harmful.

Questioning your identity or your ideology is not harmful. It's actually justice or something.

'Diversity will grow,' to them, means more and more LGBTQ identities being publicly recognized and protected. Ironically, diversity in principle requires a range of people from various backgrounds, which include those the left want to shame out of public life.

They mean, 'more of us,' not a good balance of everyone.

Everyone is already unique and different and interesting. We all bring perspectives that add to the conversation. The left only sees skin color and outward expressions of identity. They see groups rather than individuals. While they imagine they are championing a world where everyone feels included, all they are really doing is exclusively boxing people into strict social groups.

As long as they get to be the ones deciding who is in and who is out, they're happy.


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