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Weird How this Never Happened Under Trump. World Peace VP Blast Biden Over Israel Ceasefire Fail

Fuzzy Chimp

Somehow in the minds of liberals, the world is flat, and all countries just want peace and prosperity for all. Well, except for that nasty Israel which always ruins everything!


Meet Trita Parsi, the VP of The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, which does not at all sound like a villain organization in a James Bond movie. The org boasts, 'The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft works to build a world where peace is the norm and war is the exception.'

So naturally he thinks Israel is the bad guy here.

Ah yes, if only the liberal democracy which has done nothing but bend over backwards to appease Muslim extremists for 70 years to try and maintain peace had just let the genocidal terrorists kill more of their people ...

The left, and especially the Democrats, have been chanting, 'ceasefire,' so often they don't even know what the phrase means any longer. But they are certain it's the only answer to peace, somehow.


If only Biden had demanded a ceasefire more aggressively! If only the Democrats could have passed a stronger resolution! If only that City Council had signed a ceasefire document! What exactly do they think 'calling for a ceasefire,' even means?

The people who slaughtered innocent civilians at a concert, brutally murdering children in cars and killing entire families are just going to stop because a college professor in the US wrote a strongly worded letter?

In the twisted minds of the left, Israel is always the bad guy and everyone else is simply fighting back against their evil oppression. Because they are the sympathetic ones in the narrative, they are also somehow expected to be the morally just ones as well. If only Israel agreed to a ceasefire, it is reasoned, they wouldn't be forced to fight back!


Or something.

Kind of hard to have a cease-fire when one side won’t cease firing. 

Kind of hard to expect a country to just leave its citizens in the hands of its enemies to be constantly r@ped and tormented. 

The best way to promote peace in the region is to let Israel destroy Hamas. It is not to expect any country to tolerate their behavior. 

You would surely be singing a different tune if it was your citizens having this done to them.

How is it possible for an organization literally dedicated to establishing world peace not be able to tell the difference between a liberal democracy like Israel and an authoritarian theocratic state like Iran?

The answer, as always, is liberalism.


One thing that stands out, though, is we can't help but notice none of this happened when Trump was president.

Almost as if evil powers in the world dedicated to destruction hesitate to take action when they know there will be consequences beyond a stern warning from an impotent president.

Crazy how that works.

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