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'Why Does She Still Have This Up?' Rashida Tlaib STILL Hasn't Deleted Lie About Israel Bombing a Hospital

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

You know what they say about the left and their narratives. Once a story is crafted, they never let go no matter how frequently it is proven false.

Enter Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib.


Remember this?

Even Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar walked back this obscene lie.

But not Tlaib.

Why is that?

The replies, however, tell us EXACTLY why. Pro-Palestinian activists are still spreading this false narrative with passion.

Silence the truth, huh.


When one story falls apart, they have plenty of others to demand proves them right anyway. Without any evidence, naturally.

Israel has bombed almost all the hospitals, schools, churches, mosques and even refugee camps since.  So your point is moot.  Moreover, NY Times investigation shows that the rocket Israel claims that struck the hospital, came from Israel.  We have one member of congress who is of Palestinian origin, but you guys want to go destroy her. Shame on you.


Of course, when all else fails, resort to this gem.

Never underestimate the power of the left wanting to believe their own lies. Why should Tlaib delete a post all of her supporters believe is true and absolutely no amount of proof will dissuade them?

So much for combatting misinformation!


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