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'Suuure, go with that.' Democrats spread wage gap myth on #LatinaEqualPay day and eyes ROLL


It really is silly for Democrats to have a dozen separate X accounts when they all post the same thing. Some poor intern out there is switching between accounts like an old-school phone switch operator.


As usual, the official Democrats account decided it was a good idea to pander to a specific group to pretend they really care, like everyone else. Happy #LatinaEqualPay day!


Where did this come from? Also, now it's pay equity and not equal pay. Isn't equity where you give some groups more because they need more than everyone else?

At least they dropped the silly Latinx thing.

Back in the good ol' days when it was just a myth about equal pay, the logic didn't make sense. But now that it's all about equity?

Speaking of equality vs. equity, someone didn't get the memo.


Again, with the equality vs. equity distinction. Which is a BIG distinction.

How does one 'achieve pay equity' exactly?


Seems to be a big Copy Paste day for the left.


Of course, this begs the question. If Latina women can be paid nearly half the wage of a white man for the same job, shouldn't they be the hottest hiring trend?

It's always so strange to watch the left chop up the population into useful categories for this or that virtue-signaling campaign. Always to make themselves look compassionate and better than you. The details don't matter. All that matters is its hashtag *insert identity group - insert disparity myth day!


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