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'Black girls read too!' Dem Rep. Cori Bush ASTONISHED library includes Black authors

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

In breaking news, Democratic Congresswoman, and Squad Member, Cori Bush, has discovered that Black girls read books too!

No, we aren't kidding.

Take a look:


In what could have been a touching moment, a successful woman returning to her hometown library to find her own book on a display shelf became a head-scratching moment of disbelief. For regular people anyway.

Why a library feels it needs to broadcast such an obvious statement in such an offensive and condescending way is perplexing enough, but why offer only books about or by Black people to exclusively Black girls? What about Black boys, pretty sure they read too.

Why not simply display these titles for all kids instead of creating an artificial message that is, well, deeply racist and a little sexist?


Is anyone supposed to be shocked by this revelation?

But the most telling part of the photo is the most embarrassing.

Rep. Bush is well known for her obsession with making everything about race. But this is something else. All kids should be encouraged to read books by all kinds of authors on a variety of topics. Implying Black girls only benefit from reading books by Black authors or about Black people is ... again, racist.

Also a little bit sexist.

Do better Cori Bush's hometown library.

Do better.

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