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Conservative actor Matthew Marsden DEBUNKS 'Michelle Obama is a man' conspiracy

Democratic National Convention via AP

Unfortunately, many have taken politics to quite a few new lows, one, in particular, being the sadly popular conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is actually a man. This meme has been circulating for years, frequently taking the most unflattering photos of the former First Lady to use as fuel for mockery. And then our pals on the Left use it to claim the Right is hateful.


Well, conservative actor Matthew Marsden has had enough:

The story has been circulating ever since Joan Rivers commented back in 2014 that Michelle Obama was trans after being asked if she believed we would have a gay president one day.

Voices on the Right have pushed back on this ridiculous accusation.


One user helped settle the idiocy for good.

Attacking the spouse or families of a political leader, even the president, is just low and these kinds of obscene accusations only further to downgrade politics.

Can't we just be critical of the actual politician and their actions and not resort to embarrassing idiocy like this? 

Thanks in advance.


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