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Wonkette smears Brandon Darby as 'snitch' and 'Internet Nazi'

Brandon Darby from Breitbart News is a frequent target of left-wingers, who accuse him of being a snitch after bravely foiling a plot by extremist liberals to set off bombs at the 2008 Republican National Convention.


Darby’s latest piece, “FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels,” focuses on the recent killing of law enforcement in Texas and Colorado:

In fact, ample evidence suggests that the AB does not typically operate under racial motivations, and they have a history of working with the Mexican cartels. On the condition on anonymity, several law enforcement personnel from the FBI and other agencies confirmed with Breitbart News that the Aryan Brotherhood’s criminal activities are seldom driven by race; their focuses are drug and sex trafficking, as well as murder-for-hire.

It would be convenient for the media if the brutality in Texas turns out to be at the hands of a “white supremacist” group acting alone and on racial grounds. What would be less convenient is if a “white supremacist” group turned out to be working in conjunction with Mexican drug cartels in the middle of a politically charged debate on U.S. immigration policy.

The liberal bloggers at Wonkete, of course, mischaracterized Darby’s assertions (under the subheading, “I Hate Internet Nazis”):

From the above Wonkette article, this mind-numbing paragraph:

Hey remember a few days ago when we told you about how the recent murders of state officials in Colorado and Texas might be the work of a vicious gang of crazy-ass Nazis? Well it looks like we might have to issue one of those “correction” things because it turns out that we were being totally unfair to those misunderstood psychopaths when we haphazardly called them “racists.” We regret the error, and accept the blame for not being as smart as Breitbart’s senior “start snitching” correspondent Brandon Darby. That aforementioned reporting genius has produced a piece filled with so much non-sensical dog vomit that Slate editors are beating hapless unpaid interns Malkin-style with copies of it in an effort to restore order to the disingenuous contrarian universe.


Darby, as always, is fighting back on Twitter:

He is receiving support …

… and hate:

But Brandon, you get the last word:


Why exactly does Wonkette object to Darby’s cooperation with the FBI in ’08?


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