In case you don’t follow ESPN’s hit debate show First Take, sports analyst Skip Bayless has a HUGE huge crush on Tim Tebow. His love for Tebow even goes way beyond John Madden’s love for Brett Favre.

During the two-hour show, Bayless has a habit to always mention Tebow multiple times throughout several arguments. Not only has it started to get REALLY annoying, ESPN has turned it into a running joke. On Monday’s show the network ran a contest to see just how badly fans would love to see 24-hours of Tim Tebow free television.!/The_SpacePope/status/193456313567674368!/Britnic0le/status/193382848521187328!/Got2beG/status/194438193280593921!/dtkoonce/status/193367855260119040!/BillPerzXIII/status/194438026921914369!/cortneyhemi23/status/194435843270782976!/II_Gunz/status/194438637704847361!/AngryHarbaugh/status/194438360394252288!/kalibreeze2000/status/194437551900200961!/FlyMrWhite/status/194436340073500672!/jessicathatswho/status/194435807464001539

While 24-hours of Tebow free TV would be AWESOME, that won’t keep some fans from getting greedy and wanting even more.!/KRuggs520/status/193436252232626180

There weren’t many fans speaking out against Tebow free TV, but we did happen to find one…!/ChadEHayes/status/194435988087513090

Other tweeters thought the contest was completely worthless because let’s face it, Tebow isn’t going away anytime soon.!/Feesh4life/status/193382947171213312!/TheOnlyJPoe/status/194437760705241088

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