Late last night the San Francisco 49ers apologized to Alex Smith for going after Peyton Manning and convinced the quarterback to re-sigm with the team. Fans of the team have mixed feelings on the deal.

From ESPN:

Quarterback Alex Smith has agreed to a new three-year deal to stay with the San Francisco 49ers, sources confirmed to senior NFL writer John Clayton.

The Associated Press, citing an unnamed source, reported Wednesday that Smith’s contract will pay him $8 million per season with $16.5 million guaranteed. Smith’s new deal can pay him up to $33 million if he reaches all of the incentives in the contract.

“Oh, I’m excited,” tight end Vernon Davis told The Associated Press in a text message Tuesday night. “I’m glad. Alex deserves all good things that come his way.”!/si_peterking/status/182270500444188672!/rofloespn/status/182262413901578241!/baileymuzik/status/182267592365449216!/rogergoodell/status/182490541597011968!/lelandkim/status/182520485660213249!/wuzupwidat/status/182520227744067584!/HarlemGetsMoney/status/182519949900779521!/Reevo/status/182519710171144194!/DanSoder/status/182519702428459008!/BethHamlet/status/182518772492533760!/kevindeetz/status/182517799254622208