From Reuters:

Oprah Winfrey’s Network, OWN, the iconic talk show host’s 15-month old cable network, laid off 30 staffers in the wake of persistently poor ratings, including the cancellation of a show hosted by comedian Rosie O’Donnell that lasted five months.

The cable network, owned jointly by Winfrey and Discovery Communications, has had a hard time finding an audience for most of its programming after being launched on Jan. 2, 2011.!/Bookgirl96/status/181857121447575552!/bySamRo/status/181848581622333440!/ericnrandall/status/181847287272701952!/GTWNJACK/status/181847393384407040

Update: Jason Mattera at Human Events on how Rosie wore out her welcome:!/aristotle52/status/181919449329315841

And there’s the rub: Americans are sick and tired of getting lectured to by Hollywood hypocrites who never follow the policy prescriptions that they seek to inflict on the rest of us. Moreover, they’re increasingly becoming impatient with celebrities who use their platforms to push unreasonable and offensive political rants disguised as intellectual musings.

The demise of Rosie O’Donnell is proof. Once a mega talk show star, now she can’t even hold down a job on a flagging network.