The Los Angeles Lakers are keeping busy at the NBA trade deadline. Earlier in the day they traded away Luke Walton and now they traded away one of their legends, Derek Fisher.

From ESPN:

The Los Angeles Lakers traded longtime point guard Derek Fisher after acquiring Ramon Sessions earlier in the day, according to sources.

Fisher, who has spent 13 of his 16 NBA seasons with the Lakers, was dealt to the Houston Rockets for Jordan Hill, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher. The Lakers will also send a first-round pick, which was previously acquired from Dallas, in this year’s draft.

Unlike the Luke Walton deal when fans saw it as an opportunity to make fun of the untalented veteran forward, they showed nothing but respect for the always clutch Fisher.!/teamKB24/status/180370599678455809!/ListenToLeon/status/180375225819607040!/HerNameIsDeidre/status/180375212297162754!/PrincetonHolt/status/180375065412644869!/CENA5401/status/180374888085856256!/ESPNChrisPalmer/status/180374886009667585!/ElRusoHLC/status/180375941787299840!/Mr_LoveMedicine/status/180375930131329024!/Kimaaii/status/180376104845062144!/CNNLADavid/status/180376413248040961