From The Telegraph:

The scent has been created by an Italian perfumer who has previously worked with Sting, Madonna and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

While celebrities often choose decidedly racy names for their perfumes – ‘Midnight Fantasy’ by Britney Spears and the distinctly unholy ‘Diavolo’ for Antonio Banderas, the name of Pope Benedict XVI’s cologne is likely to be more demure, judging by precedent.

Silvana Casoli, the Italian ‘nose’ who recently created the scent, previously came up with two other colognes called ‘Water of Hope’ and ‘Water of Faith’, but they were for the use of the Roman Catholic Church in general whereas this one will be worn only by the Pope.

There were a lot of jokes being posted on Twitter involving alter boys and catholic priests, but we’re not really big fans of hell so we decided not to post them. We hope you don’t mind!