The new iPad was originally scheduled to start shipping out on March 16th, but Apple has been forced to delay the launch three days until March 19th. In addition, they have already sold out from accepting online pre-orders.

In other words if you were hoping to get your hands on the new model this month, we wish you luck!

From i2mag:

The iPad shipping dates for the iPad 4G had begun moving on, first the UK shipment dates had all been pushed back to the 19th, and now US on the same urge shipments are now two-three weeks away.

This indicates that Apple’s first online batch of new iPads has sold out in the US and UK, with the next batch coming a week later. This is how it sounds like a huge demand of what the Apple has build up and how the people are in eagerness to have it – similar like any of Apple’s device passion – whether it would be iPhone, iPod or iPad earlier version – same passion.!/gjheap/status/178512411039506434