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Rep. Cori Bush pushes back on the GOP's 'war on woke', which is rooted in anti-Blackness

We can see on the horizon that “woke” is about to be made toxic, such as the words “groomer” and “parents’ rights” have become shorthand in the media for “far-right wing.” The Left didn’t like the “groomers” label because it hit a nerve and it stuck; even some conservatives declared the word off-limits as anti-LGBTQ. Now presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is in the spotlight, and he’s famous for saying that Florida is “where woke goes to die.” That’s resonating with a lot of people, and so Democrats have to attach the stigma of white supremacy to it.


Rep. Cori Bush, who recently floated the number $14 trillion for reparations (just take it out of the defense budget), is doing her part by claiming that the war on woke is “rooted in anti-Blackness.”

Sorry we stole your word.

It’s true. If you looked at the Black Lives Matter manifesto, it was essentially the Communist Manifesto rewritten to replace class with race. It was no secret either, as the movement’s co-founders admitted to being “trained Marxists.”


DeSantis’ “war on woke” has obviously hit a nerve and Democrats like Bush know they need to freeze it in its tracks. And since their only play is racism, they’ll insist “woke” is a racial slur.

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