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The Nation: The January 6 committee dropped the ball by not calling for the Electoral College to be abolished

As Twitchy reported, right after the January 6 select committee held its final hearing and delivered its final report, member and 2016 election denier Jamie Raskin went on the Sunday shows to call for the abolition of the Electoral College. The Electoral College, he said, “has become a danger, not just to democracy, but to the American people.”


Writing for The Nation, John Nichols argues that the January 6 committee dropped the ball by not calling for the Electoral College to be abolished. And why not? Because Republican Rep. Liz Cheney “had no interest in doing so.” This might be the first negative thing we’ve heard about Cheney from the liberal media ever since she joined the committee. And don’t think she’s not thinking of running for president in 2024.

What power, exactly, did the committee have to abolish the Electoral College? None, obviously. Nichols writes:

Of course, the January 6 committee needed to outline its referrals for criminal charges against Trump. But it also needed to call for Congress and the states to begin the process of amending the US Constitution to do away with the Electoral College and ensure that future elections are decided by the popular will of the people.

Like the prosecution of a former president, seeking to change the process by which presidents are chosen is a daunting task. Yet it has to be discussed, now that we know that conflicts over Electoral College results have led to incitement toward violence—and could do so again.


Never take the threat of violence seriously from anyone who stood on the sidelines in 2020 during the “firey but mostly peaceful” riots.


Why, Democrats are the party of “norms.” Isn’t it great to have the party of norms getting everything back to normal?


The more these idiots talk the more sense the Capitol riots make.


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