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New York Times advises Democrats on how to build a John Fetterman 2.0

If the Fetterman who was elected last week — and her husband — are John Fetterman 1.0, we’re thinking he should have stayed in beta testing. We’re as amazed as you are that Fetterman was elected senator; it couldn’t have hurt that tens of thousands of people voted before watching him finally debate Dr. Mehmet Oz. And yet, the New York Times is already advising Democrats on how to build Fetterman 2.0.



We were going to do a post on this yesterday, the same day Politico Magazine did its piece on how “Democrats don’t have to cede the politics of masculinity to the GOP.” “What’s notable about Fetterman’s masculinity,” opined Joan C. Williams, “is how it differs from the kind cultivated by Donald Trump and the GOP. Unlike Trump’s fragile, macho belligerence, Fetterman offers a sense of stoic decency and empathy.”

The Times never posted a tweet about their story, though, so we’ll go with the headline.



He’s tall, according to the Times:

No candidate can be replicated, and that is especially true of Mr. Fetterman. He is 6-foot-8 with a shaved head, multiple tattoos and a sartorial style that leans to hipster rustic. There are not a lot of other inked-up giants Democrats can put up for office — but Democrats can take these lessons from his winning campaign.

Mr. Fetterman’s style and appearance are the first things that set him apart. Neil Oxman, a Philadelphia consultant who has run more than a dozen statewide races, including those of the two-term governor Ed Rendell, said that “you can’t discount the look” — his signature outfit is a Carhartt hoodie and cargo shorts. Mr. Oxman noted: “It’s an entry. He can talk to blue-collar people in a way that other Democrats have been failing at.”

So that was his secret: the hoodie and gym shorts.


A lot of people get that mixed up.


It’s going to be astounding to see Fetterman on the Senate floor. As he said, he’ll be better by January, but Oz will still be Oz.


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