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New Yorker: Candidates who railed against teachers' unions 'fared depressingly well'

It was a big letdown to see the red wave we were expecting never appear, but Christopher Rufo made a good point on election night: A lot of school board seats flipped toward conservative candidates. Races that otherwise might have been ignored got some attention thanks to the action at the top of the ballot.


The big news of the night, though, was Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 19-point blowout of Charlie Crist, who was out on the campaign trail with Randi Weingarten. We noticed in an earlier post that the press has gone back to calling the Parental Rights in Education law the “Don’t Say Gay” law. “Florida is where woke comes to die,” DeSantis said in his victory speech.

The New Yorker is sad that candidates who railed against critical race theory in schools (which many on the Left still claims doesn’t exist) “fared depressingly well” in superintendent and school board races.

We see they’re putting “education freedom” in scare quotes now, like they used to with “parents’ rights.”

Jessica Winter writes about a superintendent race in South Carolina:

[Ellen] Weaver borrowed the sloganeering and buzzwords of right-wing activist groups, such as the 1776 Project and Moms for Liberty—which, as my colleague Paige Williams recently reported, have turned public schools into the national stage of a manufactured culture war over critical race theory (C.R.T.), L.G.B.T.Q. classroom materials, the sexual “grooming” of children, and other vehicles of “woke leftist” indoctrination, as well as lingering resentment over covid-19 lockdowns. During the debate, Weaver railed against C.R.T. and the “pornography” supposedly proliferating in schools, and associated Ellis with a “far-left, union-driven agenda.” (Incidentally, South Carolina’s public employees are prohibited from engaging in collective bargaining.) “They believe in pronoun politics. They believe parents are domestic terrorists, much like Merrick Garland,” Weaver said.


Oh, and Weaver was backed by those crazy parents in Moms for Liberty. Weaver beat out Lisa Ellis, who has “twenty-two years of teaching experience and is the founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on raising teacher pay, lowering classroom sizes, and increasing mental health resources in schools.” Mental health resources like assisting kids with gender transitioning in secret from their parents.

“Candidates fearmongering about ‘critical race theory.'”


There’s some good news to cheer you us as we wait for Nevada and Arizona to finally finish counting their votes.


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.

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